Heather McLeod

Presentations and Conferences Healthcare Financing

Universal Coverage and Equitable Financing

Hospital Association of South Africa, Cape Town, September 2011

Challenges in Resource Allocation and Health Service Purchasing
Economic Research Southern Africa, Symposium on Health Reform, Stellenbsoch, July 2011

The Impact of the Sequential Implementation of Complex Healthcare Financing Reforms
Heather McLeod and Pieter Grobler, presented to the Actuarial Society of SA, Sandton, May 2009

Art of the Possible: Designing the Healthcare System
BHF Southern African Conference, Sun City, 22-25 July 2007


The Role of Risk Equalisation in Social and National Health Insurance
IAAHS Colloquium, Cape Town, May 2007  

Costing Methodologies for PMBs and a Basic Benefit Package
Board of Healthcare Funders annual conference, Durban, July 2006

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